Protect Your Investment When Presenting at an Exhibition

Businesses invest a considerable amount of time and money into making sure the impression they broadcast at an industry exhibition is a good one.  When presenting at a trade, food or industry show, businesses display not only their wares and services, but also their prominence and success. Because a lot is at stake by exposing themselves to industry leaders and potential customers, businesses try to make sure everything goes smoothly at their exhibitions. (more…)

Is Your Commercial Insurance Up to Date?

Change is constant—that is the nature of business. But do not get carried away by your ever-changing and growing business without considering the gaps in cover that can occur. Innovation and growth are inextricably tied up with risk, so you should continually make sure your policies grow with your business and cover any new risks that pop up.

This applies to businesses both big and small. Smaller businesses typically sacrifice cover in order to remain financially lean. Without adequate cover, smaller businesses are not poised for growth and could stall or prevent expansion. (more…)

3 Workplace Hazards You May Not Have Considered

Regardless of the job, there will always be common workplace hazards you must watch out for: slips, trips and falls, vehicular accidents, illness, etc. But, there are also unexpected hazards—and it is these hazards that are the most dangerous because employees are ill prepared for them. For that reason, you should be on the lookout for these three often-overlooked workplace hazards and learn how best to mitigate them. (more…)