Ever Wondered How Much It Would Be To Maintain Downton Abbey?

With Christmas now technically over, the final Downton Abbey festive special is causing a right stir. The Crawleys’ final appearance on our screens was set on New Year’s Eve 1925, and with plenty of heartbreak and happiness, the blockbuster was the talk of the Christmas TV Schedule this year.

We were keen to explore how much we’d be forking out each year to live in and maintain the real Downton Abbey – Highclere Castle – where the drama is filmed.

Highclere Castle is worth an estimated total of £72m, including grounds, and has over 300 rooms, 60 of which are bedrooms and are currently maintained by a staff of 70. The Victorian castle is built on 1,000 acres of parkland, so you can imagine the maintenance takes quite a bit of organisation and doesn’t come cheap. (more…)

How The John Lewis Advert Now Makes Sense…

We released a blog in mid -November regarding the new release of the John Lewis advert and how it didn’t add up. We looked in to the marketing strategies, questioning the techniques as the original advert only had 1 item you could buy.

Since the release of our blog, we have created large engagement on social media platforms and had a lot of feedback on the post, evening making front page news in a small insurance magazine.

We understood that it was a purely charitable advert, with a large chunk of money made going to AgeUK. Now, John Lewis have followed up the main advert by using small advert snippets to show some items they sell floating whilst attached to the balloon. (more…)

Are The Christmas Gifts Hiding In Your Car Covered?

More than 8million Britons may hide presents in their vehicles during the festive countdown, price comparison website uSwitch calculates.

However, the gifts – with an estimated value of £1.5bn – might not be covered against theft if the car is broken into or stolen.

Of the 3,079 adults surveyed, 16 per cent said they plan to hide gifts they’re going to give in their car.

Nevertheless, 58 per cent said they’ll not be checking with their provider to confirm their level of cover and if the contents will be insured in the case of a theft. (more…)

Great Effort For Charity By Staff!

Tuesday 15th December saw the office scrap the suits for a day and chuck on their onesie, all for a great cause – to raise money for St Peters & St James Hospice, a local charity from Burgess Hill.

The office managed to raise a total of just under £260 for the hospice and we hope it brought a lot of festive cheer to everyone involved. (more…)

Control The Stress That Comes With Christmas

The festive season can be one of the best times of the year, but it can also be the most stressful. Shopping for gifts, Christmas parties and time with family can take a toll on your mental and emotional health and leave you with little time to relax and enjoy the festivities.

Follow these tips to help you avoid stress during the festive season:

  • Plan ahead – Waiting until the last minute to purchase gifts, plan a party or send out Christmas cards is bound to make you feel stressed. Give yourself plenty of time to complete your to-do list in case the crowds are large and the lines are long.
  • Watch your finances – It can be tempting to overspend on the perfect gift for someone. But if that means your finances will suffer, it is not worth it. Set spending limits for yourself and stick to them.
  • Adjust your expectations – You will not be able to make it to every party or purchase the perfect gift for everyone. Holding yourself to impossibly high standards is the best way to generate stress. Remind yourself to manage expectations and let go of any guilt.


If In Doubt – Don’t Drive!

Don’t Drink And Drive During the festive season

Take proper precautions if you drink:

The festive season is a joyous time of year. Although December is the darkest month, spirits are bright and goodwill is plentiful. Many people take the opportunity to celebrate the season with holiday parties that serve generous amounts of beer, wine and spirits. Seasonal indulgence is commonplace.

But if you decide to drink, do not drive. Police throughout the United Kingdom are cracking down on intoxicated drivers with random check-points and even monetary rewards for reporting drink drivers.

The penalties for drink driving are severe—you risk a (more…)

Insure Your Holidays

Sailing down the Amazon River, hiking across the frozen tundra of the Antarctic, scaling ancient temples in Cambodia—these are just a handful of options for your next exotic, adventurous holiday. But because these are not conventional holiday destinations or activities, they carry unique risks that may not be covered by your standard travel insurance. Therefore, before embarking on your next unique or adventurous holiday, ensure that your travel policy accurately reflects whatever risks may be present on your trip. (more…)

Maintaining A Safe Home Over The Festive Season

The festive season is meant to be a time of celebration with your family, close friends and colleagues. However, large, ornate parties and elaborate fairy light displays could potentially expose your home, family and guests to unnecessary hazards. Adopt the following guidance to ensure that you can celebrate the festive season without concern.

Festive Season Tips:

According to the NHS, an average of 350 people are injured by fairy lights each year. These injuries include people falling when putting lights up, children swallowing light bulbs and people receiving electric shocks. Fires are one of the most common festive season hazards—the risk of dying in a house fire increases 50% during the festive season, according to the NHS.  Follow our advice to ensure that you, your family and your guests are not a part of that statistic: (more…)

Essential Tips: Avoid A Motoring Disaster This Winter

Recent Daily Mail research shows that December 29th is said to be the infamous ‘breakdown day’ as people return to work after Christmas, according to statistics. It’s said that half a million cars will succumb to winter breakdowns in December alone, and with the RAC Foundation revealing that 4.6k miles of UK roads have no phone coverage, this could be a major issue this winter with Met Office predicting colder and wetter than average weather for the November – January months, it’s not the best time to be stranded at the roadside. However, according to historical data from the breakdown provider, drivers are most likely to suffer a problem in the final week of December with an average 105,000 call-outs received as vehicles are restarted after being left standing during the Christmas period. (more…)