Update On The Recent Flooding

For two months, the United Kingdom has been battered by severe rainstorms and ruinous floods brought by winter storms Desmond, Eva and Frank. The cost of the damages these storms have wrought upon homes, businesses and general infrastructure is an estimated £5 billion, and the Association of British Insurers (ABI) estimates that insurance pay-outs from storms so far will reach £1.3 billion. That averages out to an estimated pay out of £50,000 for each domestic flood claim, compared to an average of £31,000 from the 2013-14 winter storms.

Because there has been no extended lull in this inclement weather, much of the ground is saturated with excess water. This has left many areas highly susceptible to more damaging floods. While volunteers and the army are currently erecting temporary defences to impede any forthcoming floods, it may not be enough.

At the time of publication, Storm Jonas is expected to buffet the United Kingdom with torrential rain and fierce gales, with the potential for snow and ice. Currently, more than half the nation is under a flood warning (meaning flooding is expected) and an additional quarter is under a flood alert (meaning flooding is possible).  (more…)

Prevention In The Kitchen

Scald burns, caused by hot liquid or steam, are one of the most common causes of injury in restaurants. A scald burn can be a serious, life-altering injury, causing intense pain, scarring and time away from work. While hot oil heats to higher temperatures and causes more severe injuries, scalds from water are also very frequent in the restaurant industry and can cause third-degree burns almost instantaneously if the water is boiling or simmering. Working with or around hot liquids and steam in a restaurant puts you at risk. (more…)

Cyber Security For Your Business

High-profile cyber-attacks on companies such as Sony have raised awareness of the growing threat of cyber-crime. Recent surveys conducted by Symantec and other cyber-security organisations suggest that many small business owners are still operating under a false sense of security.

The statistics of these studies are grim: The vast majority of small businesses lack a formal Internet security policy for employees, and only about half have even rudimentary cyber security measures in place. Furthermore, only about a quarter of small business owners have had an outside party test their computer systems to ensure they are hacker proof, and nearly 40 per cent do not have their data backed up in more than one location. (more…)

Playing It Safe With In Your Restaurant

Restaurant floors in the kitchen and dining room pose slip, trip and fall hazards for both employees and customers. While these hazards are significant, many can be prevented by adhering to these safety tips.

In the Kitchen

  • Wear non-slip, waterproof footgear.
    • Lace your shoes tightly.
    • Never wear open-toed shoes or leather-soled shoes.
  • If you spill while preparing food, clean it up immediately.
  • Use cones or signs to warn fellow employees until spills are dry.
  • Remove clutter from kitchen workstations to avoid obstructing passageways.
  • Place all utensils, ingredients and other supplies back in their proper location after you’re done using them.
  • Never run in the kitchen.
  • Avoid storing cooking oil on the floor as it may spill or someone may fall onto it.
  • In areas that are typically slippery such as near the sink, stand on the provided non-slip floor mats. Areas around these non-slip mats may be slippery as well.
  • Notify your supervisor if you notice any uneven floor surfaces or drain covers that have come loose.


How Someone Can Use Your Kettle To Unlock Your Car… Yes Really!

Ford’s ambitious plans to link cars to household appliances. This may sound like genius technology but it’s said that the technology could make it easy for hackers to steal their cars and data.

The car manufacturer wants drivers to be able to switch on their heating, lights and even smart kettles from behind the wheel, although this could make cyber-hacking easier for the online criminals using the household appliances.

As a result of having your vehicle linked up to devices in your home, hackers could steal your car using your kettle!

Ford have said it is exploring connecting its cars to smart home-hubs like the Amazon Echo and Wink, both of which control a variety of household devices at the same time. (more…)

In The Pub Industry? Don’t Get Left Behind

When running a pub, you face a variety of risks that can endanger the viability of your business. Due to the nature of your clientele and manner of operation—long hours, late closing times, crowded premises and drunken customers—a number of risks you’re exposed to are unique to the pub industry.

Purchasing appropriate cover for your pub can help mitigate risk and ensure your safety and also the safety of your employees and customers. Because not all pubs operate the same way or serve the same people, covers can widely vary. Pub insurance should be tailored for each individual business, so make sure you assess the specific risks of your pub and purchase the appropriate covers or extensions. The following are some of the most common covers included in pub insurance. (more…)

Understand Your Home Insurance

Deciphering all of the parts of your home insurance policy can be difficult. This article covers the basics in order for you to understand your policy more easily. All home insurance policies follow the same general format: A declarations page, a definitions section and sections for property insurance and liability insurance.

Policy Schedule
The policy schedule is the part of your insurance policy that provides an overview of the details specific to your contract, including the following:

  • Name of the insurance company
  • Your name and address
  • The period of insurance
  • Mortgagee’s name and address – this is the bank or mortgage company that holds your loan
  • Cover information such as the different types of cover you have selected along with your excess and the limits for each line of cover
  • Premiums – this is how much you will pay each month for cover
  • Any special conditions or changes made to the policy

When you receive a copy of your policy, it is important to review all of the information on the policy schedule for accuracy. Retain a copy of your policy schedule in case you have questions concerning your policy. If you change or revise your policy at any time, a new policy schedule will be issued to you reflecting those changes. Make sure to review and keep this new policy schedule page as well. (more…)

Holiday Coming Up? Stay Alert!

Planning a trip to another country for an extended period of time is a serious undertaking that can be both exhilarating and exhausting. Amid the stress of orchestrating the details of your trip abroad, don’t forget to consider how you will stay safe during your travels.

Whether your trip is short- or long-term, follow these guidelines and preparatory tips to ensure your time in an unfamiliar place is memorable, productive, and – most importantly – safe.

Do Your Homework

Before you leave, take some time to research your destination. Get the facts on crime risks and the geopolitical climate in the area. Check for travel advisories, and ask your host or sponsor when and where you should use extreme caution. If possible, speak with someone who travelled to the location before you to get ideas on what to expect and how to act.

Often, the key to staying safe is blending in with the natives around you to avoid making yourself a target. Research customary clothing practices for someone of your age and gender, and do your best to pack items that will conform to the local norms. You may find that this will make your travel experience richer as well as safer. (more…)

Feel Trapped Behind Your Desk? Try This Mini-Workout To Give Your Mind And Body A Boost!

Feel like you’ve over indulged this Christmas? Don’t panic! First and foremost, falling off track for a small period of time is natural and entirely human. Anyone who preaches clean eating for months and months on end without even the smallest of slip-ups is probably telling a porky!

Try this workout when you have a spare moment either in the morning or at lunch and feel the difference in your daily routine! We understand not everyone has the time to rush to the gym every day with your busy lifestyles; (more…)