The Dangers Of ‘Autopilot’

According to research recently published by the Automobile Association (AA), 1 in 7 drivers often experience episodes where they are unable to recall the last several minutes during a drive. These episodes are sometimes referred to as ‘driving on autopilot’ and most often affect drivers between the ages of 25 and 34 years old.

While these episodes may seem harmless, they actually reflect periods of lax attention while driving and are potentially hazardous. In fact, a recent government survey revealed that the most common factor identified by police officers in motor vehicle accidents was the failure to look properly. In addition, inattention ranked as the most common cause for fatal accidents. (more…)

De-Winterising Your Boat for High Net Worth Client

The sun is lingering longer in the sky, which means it’s time to ‘de-winterise’ your boat and get out on the water. But before you can embark on your first trip, you still need to inspect your boat to ensure it is functional. Thankfully, de-winterising should take little time, as long as your boat was properly stowed.

De-winterising Steps

The de-winterising process can be broken down into the following seven simple steps: (more…)

Higher Fines Are Here: Review Your Fleet Cover

Employers are urged to ensure their fleet cover is robust enough in light of tough new sentencing guidelines. The new guidelines, which came into effect on 1st February, usher in substantially higher fines for corporate manslaughter and health and safety offences. Courts now have the authority to fine companies up to £20 million for corporate manslaughter, and up to £10 million for health and safety breaches. And, for companies with motor fleets, each driver on the road represents the possibility of your business being hit with a huge fine under the new guidelines. Therefore, employers with fleets should review their cover to ensure their policy limits can cover the new fine amounts. (more…)

An Easy, No-Fuss Spring Clean

Although your spring clean is an annual, dreaded chore, it actually helps your home maintain its value and provides you with an opportunity to identify any potential problems before they become huge expenses. To help motivate you and simplify the process, here are eight spring-clean tips for both indoor and outdoor tasks: (more…)

Drivers On The Phone Have A Higher Crash Risk

According to recent research conducted by telematics firm Wunelli, using a handheld phone while driving nearly doubles a motorist’s risk of being in an accident. Even using a hands-free phone increases the probability of being in an accident—by as much as 20 per cent.

The research is clear—no matter whether drivers use a handheld or hands-free mobile, their accident risk is increased due to inattentiveness. While on the phone, a driver may go into ‘autopilot’ and not focus on the potential risks. This is reflected in Wunelli’s research, which shows that using a phone while driving increases hard braking (a hard and sudden stop) by 75 per cent. Besides reducing the amount of time that you have to avoid potential risks—such as an animal sprinting in front of the vehicle or rubbish blowing into the road—hard braking is rough on your brakes, and shortens their lifespan and overall quality. (more…)

Avoid These 7 Common Travel Scams

Summer is getting closer—as you think about planning your next holiday, make sure that you can protect yourself against these seven common travel scams:
1. Distraction theft: Remain aware of your surroundings, regardless of how crowded the area may be, especially when interacting with other people. Thieves may try to distract you—even just by asking for directions—in order to rob you.

2. False petitions: Be cautious of anyone who asks you to sign a petition for a charity or organisation—even if it is well-known—as they could then use strong-arm tactics to force you to provide a ‘donation’. (more…)