Bennett Christmas – Christmas Update!

As if BC couldn’t get any more Christmassy, the 20th December just got even more exciting. For those who do not wish to embrace Christmas yet, tough luck.

Very quick recap – Thanks to all 6 members of staff for giving up their time decorating the entire office last Friday after work with some fantastic festivLiam Cakee decs!

BC Festive Bake Off:

The competition is fierce and we’re not even half way through yet! We’ve had some amazing efforts so far as you can see our winners of each day in the pictures. Although various members of staff have raised issues with the judging being controversial, the bake off is
being thoroughly enjoyed by all 18 staff involved and also people who didn’t take part having a slice of the action. When Round 1 is decided, we move on to Round 2 which will be a savoury bake. This starts as of next Tuesday. We are also raising money for St Peter St James Hospice whilst doing all of this, going to a great cause. (more…)