Bennett Christmas is an independent, friendly, professional insurance brokers with a simple aim: to enable you to get on with your life and with running your business secure in the knowledge that should the worst happen, the worst won’t happen. Things can and do go wrong. Life is trying enough, don’t you think? We work hard to reduce your stress levels and deal with everything if you need to claim.

Our services are tailored exactly to what you need: no more, no less and no hassle. Here’s what makes us different:

What’s most important to you? Your family? Your business? Your home, perhaps? These things are the very foundations of our lives: security and safety, an income, a decent standard of living. Now consider what would happen if you lost just one of them.

It’s not a good thought.

We know that insurance probably isn’t at the top of your agenda. In all likelihood you’d rather spend money on something more interesting. And after all, all insurance cover is the same, surely, so going for the cheapest online offer makes sense. Sadly – no. You could lose much more than you bargained for.

At Bennett Christmas Insurance Brokers we like to mix old-fashioned customer service with crisp, up-to-date insurance expertise. When you call us, real people will answer the phone. You’ll find us easy to deal with, too. A non-stuffy company (technical term).

As independent insurance brokers, we have the experience and instinct to advise on just the right cover for you. If you need to claim, we’ll manage most of the process in order to maximise settlement of your claim.

Feel free to have a look around our website or contact us today.

The Company

Bennett Christmas was established as a single entity in 2010, bringing together the complementary skills and experience of Bennett Dawes and Christmas Insurance Brokers. Both companies were renowned for their expertise, professionalism and focus on customer service, so it made good sense to get together.

We support companies of any size or sector who require business insurance, as well as individuals with personal insurance needs.

What We Do

We’re all different: our working lives, how we travel, our businesses, our leisure time, you name it. Different insurance needs require different insurance products. Our approach:

We have access to an extensive range of policies, as well as the expertise to advise you on just the right cover for you. And:

We focus on quality. And, guess what:

The best insurance isn’t necessarily the cheapest.

Our highly qualified staff are able to support you properly to assess your insurance needs, research the best value products and help you in the event of a claim. We have the skills to anticipate potential pitfalls and our systems keep detailed trails of our procedures. Nothing is missed or forgotten.

We’ll explain the small print, premiums and terms and conditions without jargon. You’re busy. You probably don’t have the time to read through, review and understand everything so we’ll make sure that we help you with this.

A Local Broker, National Backing

As a member of Broker Network, the UK’s longest established commercial insurance network, we can offer you more than many other Brokers.

With access to the UK’s major insurers as well as specialist providers, including Lloyd’s, we are in strong position to arrange competitive cover that is not always available elsewhere.

We are experienced in the commercial sector and understand the needs of small to medium sized companies in terms of both cost savings and the desire for help and advice.

And If I Need to Claim?

We can make a positive difference in an insurance payout in many cases.

We’ll deal with the insurance company on your behalf to make sure that your claim is handled thoroughly, fairly and without delay. If applicable, we’ll involve a loss adjuster as soon as possible, too.

Avoid disaster. Stay safe, feel safe. Contact us today.

Corporate Social Responsibilities

We provide innovative and commercially focused insurance advice, however our responsibility does not stop there.

We recognise that the results of what we do can act towards driving social, environmental and commercial change. At the heart of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach we want to nurture positive behaviours and outcomes by developing sustainable relationships with our local communities, clients and staff

We take our social responsibility seriously. It is not only important to us that we do business in an enlightened way. Our CSR activity spans projects in our local communities; demonstrating a robust environmental policy; providing our employees with an excellent place to work where they can enjoy and value what they do; and being a great organisation for you to do business with.

The charity we work with is St Peters and St James Hospice and Continuing Care Center. We are also a proud sponsor of Young Start Up Talent which is an initiative that works with local and national businesses to contribute and provide vital support and guidance for young start up businesses ensuring a more sustainable future. We also proud to be part of the Aviva Community Fund raising money for East Sussex-based Peacehaven Community School to provide the students with new rugby kit. In addition to all this, we are now working with Chestnut Tree House where recently we delivered over 40 Easter eggs to all of the children.