Tougher Penalties for Driving Offences Now in Effect

Courts in England and Wales are now enacting tougher penalties for drivers violating the rules of the road. In 2015, 244 people were killed in crashes involving speeding in Britain—highlighting the need for greater road safety.

The courts hope these new regulations, which apply to all drivers sentenced on or after 24th April 2017, more accurately reflect the consequences of speeding. The following are the most common road offences affected by these updated regulations: (more…)

5 Ways to Stay Safe in a Crowd

In light of recent UK terrorist attacks, it pays to be attentive while in a crowd. By being aware of your surroundings, you can stay safe at home and while abroad on holiday this summer. Here’s how to safely travel in a crowd:

  1. Be aware of the exits while in public or on public transport.
  2. Carry a charged mobile so you can get information on any developing incidents and can call for help if necessary.
  3. Have confidence in police and security forces. Make sure to follow their advice when danger arises.
  4. During an incident, immediately leave the scene as directed by authorities or in the opposite direction of the perceived threat. Find a safe location, and only move if you must find a more secure location.


How to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

This summer has been uncommonly warm, with June’s scorching temperatures making it the hottest month in 41 years. Such sweltering heat threatens the elderly, babies and those with underlying health conditions. Public Health England advises that excessive exposure to high temperatures can kill, and that heat-related deaths start to occur when temperatures rise above 25 degrees.

Led by June’s heatwave, the warmer weather this year has already taken 510 more lives than average in England and Wales. For homeowners, this news can be especially troubling, as homes rapidly warm up during the summer months. Here’s how to keep your home cool and your family out of dangerous heat this summer: (more…)

51% Of UK Card Payments Are Now Contactless

New data from Barclaycard’s Contactless Spending Index shows contactless card payments rose by more than a third in the last year.

In a record-breaking year for “touch and go” payments, which have a limit of £30, 51% of in-store transactions were made using contactless cards in 2016.

Unsurprisingly, there has been a significant rise in debit and credit card payments – doubling over the last decade. Our fondness for paying by contactless card might have something to do with a recent rise.


Master The Holiday Recharge With These 4 Tips

Do you return from holiday restored, or ready for another?

“Ready for a holiday” is British speak for “tired/fed-up/keen to switch off/all three”. But there’s definitely a knack to ensuring that your well deserved break is just that, and you don’t return more tired and less ready to face the daily grind than before your departure.

Tip 1: Actually switch off
Many workers want to touch base with work to ensure they’re not hit with an unexpected, potentially stressful situation upon their return.

But stewing about something before you’re in a position to do anything about it is not going to help, and means you’ll likely be more drained and less able to deal with whatever the issue is upon your return.

You could even be catastrophising, blowing the supposed “disaster” out of all proportion, at the cost of your holiday happiness and relaxation.

Why stop at your phone? Switch off your mind to work as well, especially negative thoughts about work. (more…)

7 Ways To Keep Your Cool This Summer

Embrace the heat of high summer while keeping comfortable with these tips from Bennett Christmas.

No matter how many times we welcome warmer temperature, only to blast it when it lingers in the twenties for five consecutive days, we never seem
to be prepared.

We’re more likely to keep an umbrella to hand than personal fan, but keeping your cool when all about you are losing theirs is easy if you know how. You may even turn a few heads while doing it.

Face mist – A portable solution can be yours for under a fiver, with canned hydration to keep you fresh faced. Start adding in vitamins, toners and the like into the mix and you can expect to pay ten times that amount.

Hot curry – The heat compound capsaicin found in chillis stimulates sweat production. Sweating leads to heat loss as your perspiration evaporates, so while
your mouth might be on fire, your body will be cooled.

Thermos flask – Well-designed flasks do just as good a job at keeping drinks hot as they do keeping them cold. Pack a drink with some ice and you won’t need that pricey iced smoothie.

How Instagram Could Be Damaging Your Mental Health

Instagram is the worst social media app for young people’s mental health, according to a survey where participants were asked to rate different social media sites for their impact on personal health and well-being.

On Instagram, youths may compare themselves to friends by looking at photos of a certain body image or social life.

In fact, the Royal Society for Public Health says that social media sites, such as Instagram, may be the reason for a higher prevalence of mental health issues in today’s youth. Luckily, there are several ways to minimise mental health problems caused by social media: (more…)

Prepare for Your Summer Holiday

Britons spend 30 hours preparing for a holiday, according to new research. Preparations generally begin five weeks before departure and include reading reviews, looking for holiday deals, talking to friends and pre-holiday shopping. With more information now available through the internet, consumers can more easily book a successful holiday by avoiding locations and experiences with negative reviews. (more…)

5 Ways to Keep Your Car Clean

Your car can quickly become a host to germs if not frequently cleaned. In fact, according to research, the average car contains more bacteria than a smartphone screen. Keep your car germ-free by practicing these five tips:

  1. Avoid eating in your car. Fifty-one per cent of drivers drop food in their cars, according to research. When cars left in warm environments start to heat up, the bacteria from food multiplies, causing mould to grow. If you must eat in your car, remember to immediately clean up any crumbs with wet wipes. Then, vacuum your car to remove any food crumbs stuck in tight spaces.
  2. Disinfect surfaces. Keep disinfecting wipes in the glove box, and make sure to wipe down the steering wheel, gear stick, door handles and dashboard once a week. This prevents bacteria, such as E. coli and salmonella, from growing in areas frequently touched.
  3. Cleanse the air conditioning units. Bacteria and dirt that build up in air conditioning units and vents can spread germs around your car. Dust the vents with a feather duster and have the air conditioning system checked every two years to prevent microbe build-up.
  4. Monitor kids and pets. Cars that transport kids and pets tend to contain a multitude of germs. In fact, research found that child car seats contain 200 times more germs than a supermarket trolley. Use seat covers when transporting pets to reduce the number of germs they carry into your car.
  5. Guard groceries. Loading groceries into a germ-ridden boot, then putting these groceries onto a kitchen worktop can spread germs from your car to your home. Make sure to frequently vacuum the boot, and use a protective cover when transporting groceries.

The Popular Social Media Post That Makes You Vulnerable to Hackers

A recent popular Facebook post asks users to provide a list of 10 concerts, and then challenges the user’s friends to guess the concert that they haven’t attended. While this type of post can resurface unforgettable memories of past concerts, it can also open the door for cyber criminals to steal your information.

Often, websites ask security questions to recover your password: one of which may ask about your first concert. Accurately responding to this question, then revealing the answer publicly on social media allows thieves to more easily breach your account and steal personal information. (more…)