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Valentine’s Day And Insurance: A True Love Story

We’ve now entered the shortest month of the year, but you can still do a lot about your insurance. With the winter chill settled in and Valentine’s Day around the corner, you may need to consider changing parts of your insurance policies to keep up with your life.

Whether you need to repair your roof after the recent storms or you are about to get married, your insurance could be affected. Just remember that the right insurance will help protect you, no matter the time of year. Here are some moves to make in February.

Insuring the knot

February brings to mind engagement rings. In the middle of exciting life changes, step back and remember the practical aspects involved. Potential Romeos purchasing a ring before popping the question this Valentine’s Day have been urged to check if it will be covered by their existing home contents insurance.
With Britons spending an average of £1,600 on an engagement ring, many people may be tempted to take out specialist insurance offered at the time of purchase. (more…)