Why Social Media Is Important For Your Business

With social media’s exploding popularity, it is increasingly risky for businesses to ignore this medium. Whether promoting a new service or gauging consumer reactions, companies today are potentially behind the times if they are not yet involved in social media.

This article shares more of the advantages of integrating social media with your business.

Why Is Social Media So Important?

Black Friday – How To Shop And Is It Really Worth It?

Black Friday is an American shopping event that happens on the first Friday after thanksgiving. This year it falls on 27th November. This tradition first started to come over to the UK back in 2003 but really, it took until 2013 for this to really gather a head of steam. This is because it was at that time Asda, owned by Walmart – got involved. £810m worth of items were sold last year in Britain, making it a record-breaking day. (more…)

Cyber Christmas

Many of us now do our Christmas shopping online. Who can argue with people doing this when it’s so convenient, quick and easy! It also gets it out of the way instead of making the classic last minute rushes around the local shopping centre on Christmas Eve. With all this in mind and the number of online shoppers growing year on year, we have a few tips on how to stay clear of viruses, malware and other online threats before adding items to your basket.

Be sure to do your research before you buy from a seller that you have never done (more…)