Safety In Spring: As The Clocks Spring Forward, Thieves Follow Suit

Lawnmowers and ladders targeted as garden crime rises by 25% when clocks go forward. Green-fingered homeowners are being warned to secure their sheds and garages as the long-awaited British Summertime also brings a spike in theft from the great outdoors.

Analysis of 10 years of claims data from Aviva reveals that thefts from gardens and outbuildings shoot up by over a quarter (25%)* when the clocks go forward with the average haul totalling around £850.

Children’s toys, bikes and garden tools – from the swankiest lawnmower to the basic rake – are the thieves favourite:

Garden equipment stolen each year on average:

  • 42% of thefts involve power tools, like electric drills, planers and saws
  • 39% involve tools like spades, shovels, rakes and forks
  • 19% involve electric and petrol lawnmowers, chainsaws and ladders

Statistics show that thefts from outside the home start to increase as evenings get lighter at the beginning of March with a 10% increase compared to the dark nights of January. (more…)

Understand Your Home Insurance

Deciphering all of the parts of your home insurance policy can be difficult. This article covers the basics in order for you to understand your policy more easily. All home insurance policies follow the same general format: A declarations page, a definitions section and sections for property insurance and liability insurance.

Policy Schedule
The policy schedule is the part of your insurance policy that provides an overview of the details specific to your contract, including the following:

  • Name of the insurance company
  • Your name and address
  • The period of insurance
  • Mortgagee’s name and address – this is the bank or mortgage company that holds your loan
  • Cover information such as the different types of cover you have selected along with your excess and the limits for each line of cover
  • Premiums – this is how much you will pay each month for cover
  • Any special conditions or changes made to the policy

When you receive a copy of your policy, it is important to review all of the information on the policy schedule for accuracy. Retain a copy of your policy schedule in case you have questions concerning your policy. If you change or revise your policy at any time, a new policy schedule will be issued to you reflecting those changes. Make sure to review and keep this new policy schedule page as well. (more…)

Ever Wondered How Much It Would Be To Maintain Downton Abbey?

With Christmas now technically over, the final Downton Abbey festive special is causing a right stir. The Crawleys’ final appearance on our screens was set on New Year’s Eve 1925, and with plenty of heartbreak and happiness, the blockbuster was the talk of the Christmas TV Schedule this year.

We were keen to explore how much we’d be forking out each year to live in and maintain the real Downton Abbey – Highclere Castle – where the drama is filmed.

Highclere Castle is worth an estimated total of £72m, including grounds, and has over 300 rooms, 60 of which are bedrooms and are currently maintained by a staff of 70. The Victorian castle is built on 1,000 acres of parkland, so you can imagine the maintenance takes quite a bit of organisation and doesn’t come cheap. (more…)

Maintaining A Safe Home Over The Festive Season

The festive season is meant to be a time of celebration with your family, close friends and colleagues. However, large, ornate parties and elaborate fairy light displays could potentially expose your home, family and guests to unnecessary hazards. Adopt the following guidance to ensure that you can celebrate the festive season without concern.

Festive Season Tips:

According to the NHS, an average of 350 people are injured by fairy lights each year. These injuries include people falling when putting lights up, children swallowing light bulbs and people receiving electric shocks. Fires are one of the most common festive season hazards—the risk of dying in a house fire increases 50% during the festive season, according to the NHS.  Follow our advice to ensure that you, your family and your guests are not a part of that statistic: (more…)

Don’t Give Burglars A Festive Opportunity

The Christmas shopping season is now in full swing which means hiding all the enticing goodies around the house. Unfortunately, this can make you vulnerable to the opportunistic burglars who might be looking to take advantage.

According to a recent survey taken out by The Co-Operative Insurance, 42% of people surveyed said that they planned to have finished all their gift-buying by 22nd November – which means that many households will already have finished the big Christmas shop! A further 33% are planning to hit the shops between now and 6th December, which tells us the majority of people won’t be leaving it until the last minute. Furthermore, the average amount consumers will spend on gifts is said to be £437, while 6% expect to spend over £1,000 – this tells us that people will be hiding some pricey gifts away in their households. (more…)

Be Prepared For Flooding

With the rain pouring hard all week, we need to bear in mind that your home can be flooded. Although this seems like the worst case scenario, it’s vital that you stay safe and be prepared for flooding. Use the following recommendations as a starting point.

Prepare your property for flooding
• Protect your valuables and expensive electronics by elevating or removing them
• Consider installing ‘check valves’ to prevent floodwater from backing up into the drains
• If feasible, construct barriers to stop floodwater from entering the building and seal walls in basements with waterproofing compounds (more…)

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Understanding all of the parts of your home insurance policy can be difficult. All home insurance policies follow the same general format: A declarations page, a definitions section and sections for property insurance and liability insurance. This latest blog gives people a brief outline on how to get a better understanding with a clear breakdown of all the details you need.