How to spot a Fake Phone Charger

Look on eBay and you can buy apparently by a Samsung charger for just over £1. This seems too good to be true given they’re listed elsewhere for just under £25, because it is.

Fake phone chargers are easy and cheap to get hold of. The trade off is that 99% of those sold online failed a basic safety test in an experiment carried out by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute.

What does this mean for you? The risk of damage to your phone, electrocution, burns and house fires, warned the London Fire Brigade.

They released a report around the dangers of counterfeit chargers after an investigation highlighted some potentially deadly faults.

“I was shocked at how potentially dangerous these chargers are,” fire investigator Andrew Vaughan–Davies said.

“There have been some near misses in the last few months and, unless people stop buying them, it’s only a matter of time before we are called to a fatal fire.

“For the sake of saving a few pounds is it worth putting the lives of your family at risk and taking the chance of potentially destroying your home?” (more…)

Master The Holiday Recharge With These 4 Tips

Do you return from holiday restored, or ready for another?

“Ready for a holiday” is British speak for “tired/fed-up/keen to switch off/all three”. But there’s definitely a knack to ensuring that your well deserved break is just that, and you don’t return more tired and less ready to face the daily grind than before your departure.

Tip 1: Actually switch off
Many workers want to touch base with work to ensure they’re not hit with an unexpected, potentially stressful situation upon their return.

But stewing about something before you’re in a position to do anything about it is not going to help, and means you’ll likely be more drained and less able to deal with whatever the issue is upon your return.

You could even be catastrophising, blowing the supposed “disaster” out of all proportion, at the cost of your holiday happiness and relaxation.

Why stop at your phone? Switch off your mind to work as well, especially negative thoughts about work. (more…)

How To Hack-Proof Your Smartphone

Millions of us carry around our personal data within our phones, and some make it easier to hack than others.

To access your personal stored information, including bank details and your address, all a hacker needs is your phone. If this is not adequately secured, their mission is even easier. Of the principle causes of security breaches, unsecured mobile phones are among the top seven. But with this advice from Bennett Christmas, yours doesn’t have to be.

The more you leave your Bluetooth connected, the more opportunity you provide unwarranted access. Make sure it’s turned off if you’re not using it.

It can be tempting to hook up to whatever network is going to allow you to connect. But beware – unsecured public networks can be a portal for an underworld of snoopware and spam. It’s better to log on to a secured network, such as that which you would find in a coffee shop, or use your cellular data. And avoid checking your bank account when you’re on the fly to keep your bank details safe.

Using Your Mobile Whilst Driving

General Procedures

  • Use of mobile phones while driving is strictly prohibited – this includes all functions of the mobile phone including, but not limited to, phone calls, text messaging/SMS, email, MMS, Internet use, camera use, etc.
  • Use of electronic devices – including laptops, PDAs, cameras and pagers – while driving is strictly prohibited unless specifically outlined below
  • Voice-mail must handle all calls while driving, and calls may only be returned when stopped or pulled off the road
  • Passengers making or taking calls for the driver is permissible provided the interaction does not affect the driver’s performance
  • Regular callers must be informed that you will not be available while driving and should be notified of the best times to call based on driving schedule
  • Employees who receive calls from co-workers who are driving are obligated to ask that the co-worker call back at a more appropriate time