Young/Learner Driver

What is the best way to insure a Learner Driver?

When your offspring are ready to take to the roads, you have plenty of options to keep them covered. But which is best value?

Nothing quite makes you realise your little ones are fully grown like watching them get behind the wheel for the first time.

But drivers in Britain typically need 40 to 50 hours of lessons before passing their test, and the average learner requires 20 hours of additional practice outside of their driving lessons, according to the RAC.

With pricey lessons tending to tot up, any extra experience on the road can be invaluable. Letting them practice in your car can make all the difference, if you’re willing to chaperone. But how best to tackle the issue of provisional driver insurance? (more…)

New Driver Insurance

Exclusively for 17 to 24 year olds, our New Driver Insurance covers you in an affordable way and teaches you some invaluable safe driving skills.

Black Box Technology:

Our advanced black box technology should make you a lower driving risk by helping you develop safe driving skills, plus our e-learning resource helps you improve your knowledge and skills

No Curfews:

Unlike some other insurers, we won’t impose any curfews on you! However, we do ask that you add a parent to the policy – adding an experienced driver helps us to keep our premiums down!

We cover you before and after you pass:

We will insure you as a learner as well as after your test and won’t hike the premium up because you pass! So, no scrambling round to find new insurance when you pass.

New Driver Insurance is our clever black box policy that saves you money on your car insurance and helps you to develop your driving skills.

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Learner Driver Insurance

Bennett Christmas’ Learner Driver Insurance offers a comprehensive, affordable and flexible way to insure drivers who are currently planning or in the process of learning to drive. We give learner drivers the ability to insure themselves on a friend or family member’s car, without the risk of affecting their No Claims Bonus – which we’re sure they’ll be appreciate!

Our Learner Driver Insurance covers you to drive a family or friend’s car while you’re learning – all done in a clever way that doesn’t risk the car owner’s No Claims Bonus. We’ll cover you on most cars up to insurance group 32 with a current value of up to £30,000, provided the vehicle is already fully insured.

Features and Benefits:

Legal liability for death or injury to any other person, including passengers Included
Legal liability for damage to other people’s property up to £20,000,000 Included
Damage to your vehicle Included
Windscreen repair/replacement Excluded
Personal Accident Benefits: For you or your spouse for death or loss of limbs/sight up to age 69 Up to £2,500
Medical expenses Up to £250
Personal belongings Up to £100
Foreign Use Excluded


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Student Driver Insurance

Student Driver Insurance from Bennett Christmas is an exciting new product for young drivers who have passed their test but are not yet ready to commit to a new car. Many young drivers often head straight to college or university after passing their test and a car isn’t always practical! But that can often leave you stranded when visiting home or for trips away with friends.

We have recognised this and can provide a fully comprehensive, short term student car insurance solution that will help get you on the road just when you need it!

Not yet started university? Don’t worry, we can still help! We’ll just need to see a copy of your offer letter and we’ll get you on the road.


  • Flexible Cover
  • No Risk To Parents No Claims Bonus
  • Comprehensive Cover
  • Just For Students

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Cars For Young Drivers

Being a young driver shouldn’t be so expensive and difficult and that’s exactly why we offer these straightforward car and insurance packages for young drivers. Our Fuel & Go offer helps you to secure your car with a low deposit and free insurance or a contribution towards it, so get a quote now on a range of cars from leading manufacturers.


Brand New Car;
We have a range of cars available from leading manufacturers such as Ford, Vauxhall, Fiat and Peugeot – to name just a few! Buy with cash, or choose one of our affordable finance options from just £159* per month.

12 Months Free Insurance;
In most postcode areas, on many cars, we can offer free black box insurance for the first year. Where we can’t offer free insurance, we will offer a insurance contribution.

Low Deposit;
You can secure a new car with just £500 deposit, but if you want to pay more up front you can easily change your deposit amount.

Designed For Drivers Aged 17-24;
A tailored package to get you on the road in your first car, at fab prices. Finance* is only available from age 18, but don’t worry if you’re not eligible for finance, an application can be made by a parent or guardian!

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