Drivers Aren’t Ready When Winter Bites

Nearly half of all UK drivers don’t conduct an annual inspection to make sure that their vehicle is ready for winter, according to Highways England. Such a lapse in preparation can be dangerous and costly—especially this year. The Met Office is predicting record-breaking rainfall beginning in October and running through March 2018.

To ensure that your vehicle is ready for inclement winter weather, be sure to mind the following advice:

  • Check your battery. If your battery is old, it may have trouble starting, especially in cold weather.
  • Change your windscreen wiper blades and top up your wiper fluid. You should install new windscreen wiper blades to ensure that your visibility is not impaired.
  • Check your tyre pressure. Keep an eye on your tyres’ air pressure, as the cold can cause it to drop.
  • Check your anti-freeze mixture. Your vehicle handbook should specify the mixture ratio and type of antifreeze.
  • Change the oil. The cold weather can degrade the effectiveness of your engine oil. Fresh oil will ensure that your engine runs smoothly throughout the winter.
  • Stock your car with emergency supplies. This should include items such as a torch, blanket, first aid kit, folding shovel and roadside reflectors.