Master The Holiday Recharge With These 4 Tips

Do you return from holiday restored, or ready for another?

“Ready for a holiday” is British speak for “tired/fed-up/keen to switch off/all three”. But there’s definitely a knack to ensuring that your well deserved break is just that, and you don’t return more tired and less ready to face the daily grind than before your departure.

Tip 1: Actually switch off
Many workers want to touch base with work to ensure they’re not hit with an unexpected, potentially stressful situation upon their return.

But stewing about something before you’re in a position to do anything about it is not going to help, and means you’ll likely be more drained and less able to deal with whatever the issue is upon your return.

You could even be catastrophising, blowing the supposed “disaster” out of all proportion, at the cost of your holiday happiness and relaxation.

Why stop at your phone? Switch off your mind to work as well, especially negative thoughts about work.
Tip 2: Relax
This is the main order of the day for the majority of us when booking a holiday, but relaxation takes many different forms. Poolside sun worshipers may be completely averse to the idea of going for a 4 mile hike every day, while those who are more physically active may rely on exercise to unwind.

While you may want to cram in everything on your holiday to do list, be sure that time to relax, however you choose to do so, is accounted for.