If you’ve ever searched for car insurance online you’ll know it’s a minefield. The cheapest deal may be very basic, with a high excess.

There is a better way. You can call us and we’ll aim to find the most appropriate policy for you, with adequate cover. We’ll explain excesses and give you choices. And we’ll be here if you need to claim.

If you’re buying a car you may have been offered GAP insurance, which pays the financial shortfall on a lease or purchase in the event of a write off or un-recovered theft. For GAP insurance explained, check out our handy ‘What is GAP insurance?’ blog post. You can also speak to our experienced advisors, who can quote for GAP Insurance and you may find our prices surprise you.

What could it cover?

We believe managing your insurance should be easy. That’s why we’re happy to provide this insurance alongside any of our other services.

For short term and young driver insurance, please click here.

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